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Well here is the New GretaGB vip

Adjusted to work correctly in version after updating the GIS anti-hack.

To turn off autojoin is / autojoin 0.
To turn off autocreate is / autocreate 0.
To enter just off the buddy / buddy, just go to reconnect to the server screen (sometimes you need to relog).

/ NICK addkick - Add someone to the list of auto-kick.
/ Autocreate IN TITLE - It is trying to create a room below the number chosen. (CHANNEL)
/ Autocreatepass PASS - Set a password for the room to be created by / autocreate.
/ Autojoin NUM - it is trying to get into a room to open. (CHANNEL)
/ Autostart - Start the game automatically qnd everyone is ready. (ROOM)
/ Buddy - Off / Buddy League.
/ Clearkick - Clears the list of auto-kick.
/ Inviteall - invites all players at once.
/ Join NUM - Enter into a room quickly.
/ Kicks - Kicks all the time A.
/ Kickb - Kicks all the time B.
/ Kickall - Kicks all the room.
/ Leave - Leaves the room quickly.
/ List - Delay List.
/ Quit - Terminate the process instantly.
/ NICK remkick - Remove someone from the list of auto-kick.

Functions (already active):
Multiclient - Enables you to open more than one GB.
Multilogon - Enables logging more than once with the same account. (NEW)

Antis71Z (9.8.11):

Fixed issue with / end-end and self anti-lag.

Anti-Access1 / 2
Anti-CrashTurn1 / 2
Anti-Crash Shot
Anti-shot Flood

/ Antilag - Off / Power anti-lag. (Default: On)
/ Antislot - On / Off anti-slot.
/ End - Ends the game without scoring points.

Tools72Q (23/12/11):

Improved command / antistuck to power on and off Fetter Anti-Bomb too.
Added the command / antikick to switch the function of Anti Kick.
Added commands to simulate some pet items: / petability, / petarmor, / petpower, / petprob1, / petprob2 and / petprob3.

About Item2:
As everyone should now be aware, item2 been patched and there are no plans to return to work.
However ... I modified the function of commands / item2, / i2, / jet, / jetr, / quickgage and / reversegage to serve as a shortcut on the use of item 2.
When typing these commands it will check if you have the item you want, and second, if you will use it ... 2 even if the item is not in the bag and any shift.

/ Damage, / and defense / killing - To turn off simply type / damage 0, / 0 or defense / killing 0. Over 90 GretaGB the other players can alert as OneHitKO.
/ Floodbg - To flodar only one player just type / NICK floodbg or / floodbg NUM, for all flood / ALL floodbg to flood only the master / floodbg MSTR off and just repeat the command.

Details (/ hidemarks):
I saw a lot of people are wondering what Marks ...
Mark O is this here:
Had asked for a command to hide / hide these marks ... because, generally, who has a lot of Mark's who uses Autobot ... and staff usually kick qnd see someone with a lot of marks.

Details (/ screen):
Values ​​are:
1 - Server
2 - Channel
3 - Avatar Shop
4 - Room

CTRL + B - Back to the original screen after / screen.

/ Access - Get all players access to the room. (SV)
/ Acs NICK - Take a player's room with access. (SV)
/ Akick - Auto-Kick. Good for close room.
/ Anglelimit - Off / Power Angle Limit. (Default: On)
/ Antikick - Off / Anti Kick League. (Default: On) (NEW)
/ Antistuck - Off / Anti Stuck League. (Default: On)
/ Antitrash - Off / Anti Trash League. (Default: On) (CHANNEL) / (ROOM)
/ Balloon NUM - Change text balloon.
/ Compactdelay - Off / Power Compact Delay. (Default: On) (CHANNEL) / (ROOM)
/ NUM damage - Changes your damage. (CHANNEL) / (ROOM)
/ Defense NUM - Changes your defense. (CHANNEL) / (ROOM)
/ Fakestats - On / Off false status. (Default: Off) (CHANNEL)
/ Fakestats GAMES - On / Off false status. (Default: Off) (CHANNEL)
/ Floodbg NUM / NICK / ALL / MSTR - Flood-effect transitions. (ROOM) (SV)
/ Godmode - On / Off immortality.
/ Hidemarks - Shows / Hides the Marks. (Default: On) (CHANNEL)
/ I2 IN - Use item 2. (GAME)
/ Item2 NUM - Use item 2. (GAME)
/ Iteminfo - On / Off information item.
/ Jet NUM / NICK - Uses item2 turbine in any player. (GAME)
/ Jetr NUM / NICK - Uses the turbine R item2 any player. (GAME)
/ Killing NUM - Sets lvl Killing Frenzy. (CHANNEL) / (ROOM)
/ Lvl NUM - Changes the level. (CHANNEL)
/ Mob MOB LVL - Adds card uploaded to mob.
/ Mob2 MOB LVL - Add another card uploaded to the mob.
/ Mobeffect NUM - Effeito mob classic server. (CHANNEL)
/ Mobinfo - ON / OFF information of mobiles.
/ Petability - Off / Power Pet Ability Plus. (Default: On) (CHANNEL) / (ROOM) (NEW)
/ Petarmor - Off / Power Pet Armor Revision. (Default: On) (CHANNEL) / (ROOM) (NEW)
/ Petmax - Off / Power lvl pet and satisfaction always at maximum. (Default: On) (CHANNEL)
/ Petpower - Off / Power League Pet Revision. (Default: On) (CHANNEL) / (ROOM) (NEW)
/ Petprob1 - Off / Power 2% Probability. (Default: On) (CHANNEL) / (ROOM) (NEW)
/ Petprob2 - Off / Power 6% Probability. (Default: On) (CHANNEL) / (ROOM) (NEW)
/ Petprob3 - Off / Power 12% Probability. (Default: On) (CHANNEL) / (ROOM) (NEW)
/ Powerup NUM - Force Sets UP (event).
/ Quickgage NUM / NICK - Use the quick bar item2 in any player. (GAME)
/ Quickrespawn - Off / Quick Respawn League. (Default: On)
/ Reversegage NUM / NICK - item2 uses the backslash on any player. (GAME)
/ NUM screen - Toggles the game screen.
/ Speed ​​- Off / Power mobile speedup. (Default: On) (CHANNEL) / (ROOM)
/ Stop - cause lag. Good to lock / take office. (SV)
/ Swearblock - Off / Swear Word Power Block. (Default: On)
/ Walklimit - Ligad / Walk Off Limit. (Default: Off)

Functions (already active):
Anti-Crazy Wind - If you use the wind continued seeing normally.
Anti-Invisible - It will continue to see if someone can use an item of invisibility.
Anti-Invisible Bomb - If you use stealth pump continued seeing everyone.
Anti-Quick Power Gage - If using the item bar quickly continued normal.
Anti-Kick - If you are kicked back to the room.
Anti-Nausea Bomb - If you had continued normal use.
Anti-Reversal Bomb - If your screen using reverse pump continued normal.
Chat-Spy - had been able to read the opponent that the team writes.
Color - You can use any color you want without having to write the item color.
Flood Chat - You can send messages qntas ​​want.
Keep-Key - Do not leave the room is ready to give or take a start.
Server Limit - Limit increased to 9999 server.

(CHANNEL) - Command that works if you type in the channel before entering the room.
(GAME) - Command that runs during the game.
(MASTER) - Command that runs during the game if you are the owner of the room.
(ROOM) - Command that operates in the room.
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